"She's a modern-day medium, the girl next door with this extraordinary gift...an original healer"

Hi, my name is Julie Zdravkovska and I'm a natural-born Medium and Healer working with the LIGHT; channelling messages and healing energy from SPIRIT.


I've been fortunate from an early age to be able to communicate with SPIRIT to help guide those in need and assist in the necessary changes required so that people can live a more fulfilled and energetic life.


My first recollection of communicating with SPIRIT and those who had passed over was around the age of 3. I would speak with my mum about what I was sensing and seeing and this information that I had shared with such detail occurred before I was even born. It was later at age seven that I had a better understanding of what was happening to me which started my journey through spirituality and the SOUL.

After years of exploring, developing, growing and learning, I've been blessed to have my SPIRITUAL LINEAGE include St. Joachim (MAIN GUIDE) along with his ANCESTRAL LINEAGE; 

St. Anne, Mother Mary and Jesus, who all step forward in my sessions plus helping me evolve safely through to the next phase of my journey. In conjunction with those from the 'Highest Light Counsel' (Spirit, Ascended Masters, Archangels and other Universal Beings) I am able to offer practical, insightful and detailed information to help guide you through life and experience the magic that is being connected to your inner-soul.


Using natural healing and mediumship abilities, I have dedicated my LIFE to helping many breakthrough physical, emotional and mental traumas and grief which can present itself as anxiety, depression, anger, irritability, mood swings, shame, self-blame, withdrawing from others, feeling disconnected or numb just to name a few. I have seen spiritual GIFTS help free people from this pain.

I am based in Melbourne, Victoria and offer my services in-person as well as online using Zoom. 






Have you been feeling drained, sad, angry, anxious, shocked, regretful, relieved, overwhelmed, isolated, irritable or numb? Are you finding that aspects of your life; emotions, thoughts and behaviour, beliefs, physical health, your sense of self and identity, and your relationships with others feeling strained. Has your sleep been interrupted or your nervous system been overloaded? Do old cycles from the past keep playing out in your life. 


Are past traumas resurfacing that you’re ready to free yourself from? A you grieving the loss of a loved one, relationship, pregnancy, pet, job, children leaving home, infertility and separation from friends and family.


Trauma can have long-term effects on your well-being and there are several types of trauma; Acute (results from a single stressful or dangerous event), Chronic (results from repeated and prolonged exposure to highly stressful events such as abuse, bullying, or domestic violence), Complex (results from exposure to multiple traumatic events), and Secondary (develops trauma symptoms from close contact with someone who has experienced a traumatic event). 


Grief has no set patterns. Everyone experiences grief differently. Some people may grieve for weeks and months, while others may describe their grief lasting for years. Through the process of grief, however, you begin to create new experiences and habits that work around your loss.

You don’t have to BE alone anymore in your HEALING journey. It’s time to take back your power, reclaim control over your life and step into a life full of energy and love.


As a natural-born HEALER accessing my MEDIUMSHIP abilities and the use of various tools, methods and ancient teachings,​ I begin the session with an Intuitive Assessment in collaboration with yourself, discussing the areas you'd like to work on as well as the areas SPIRIT feel we need to also review. By working together we can create the harmony and balance that your mind, body and soul requires in order to live a more fulfilled life.

When on the healing table (fully clothed and covered with a blanket) I start by reviewing your Physical Body, Energy Body (chakras, auric-field systems, DNA thought-emotional cycles) and Sacred Body (core-contracts, soul-contracts, connection to universal energy) delving deep into past-life trauma and examining your present being to determine where your healing journey will begin.

What you may experience in your session medical intuition, spiritual surgery, crystal energy, elemental and shamanic practices, sound-bath healing, esoteric acupuncture and the connection of meridian points, as well as the use of essential oils and the burning of the holy palo santo wood to name a few. Your healing is always held in a safe and sacred space. 

Your energy HEALING assists in but is not limited to the following; clearing karmic patterns, cycles & DNA thought threads that have hindered your growth; re-align & re-balance your energy systems for optimal energy; shifting your energy & auric-field into a higher vibration; creating healthy frequencies & downloaded light codes to help you achieve desired goals; and remove negative energy, thoughts and attachments. This is an amazing opportunity to give yourself the gift of full connection back to yourself. 

You will also be offered Sacred Taste Love (Rose) - Ceremonial Cacao* to enhance and open your senses to the healing that you will undertake. For further details on this magical cacao drink click on the link here *https://sacredtaste.com/collections/all-products/p...


These sessions are 90 minutes in duration and at a minimum, your next healing should not be booked for at least 3-months unless otherwise mutually agreed upon. 




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